If you are dating and are not happy with the dating process, or if you are not dating and would like to be, perhaps you should take a hard look at what you want in a date. There are women/men who will take anyone they can find, but if you want someone who is truly a companion and enjoys life with you, then you need to be an interesting person to be around.

So the first dating tip is: "Be interesting". Second, think about what your dream date likes to do. If you want someone who shares your interest in photography, then join a club or take a class in photography. This can be an opportunity to naturally move from common interest to dating. If it doesn't end up in marriage or a long term relationship, you've still enjoyed her company and vice versa.Third, attention to details is important to a woman.

These can be details like remembering her favorite food is chocolate and bringing her a single chocolate morsel chosen with care. It can be the small points of courtesy like a protective arm on a rain-slick pavement. It can mean being sensitive to romantic settings which please her or to sexual practices which make her uncomfortable.Fourth, a sense of humor is always appreciated. That rarely means telling off color jokes, or jokes with heavy sexual innuendoes. Jokes that demean others (even your ex) are not funny.

Unless you are both in the same business-in which case dating may not be a good idea-don't talk business on a date. If your only interest is to talk about yourself and your business activities, you are a very one-sided person and shouldn't start dating until you can focus on some other topic.One final tip-know when to begin the date-on time, and also when to end the date. A woman who has been waiting for you to arrive for 15 minutes is not going to be relaxed and smiling when you arrive. Tardiness is rude, and is not acceptable for either the man or the woman. At the end of the evening, know when to say goodnight and leave. That is also a subjective thing, but she may be giving you some hints if you are observant enough to read them.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Internet Dating

What is the whole deal with internet dating?Many people find that the internet is a fast way to connect with many people. It is probably less expensive than going to bars looking for that special someone. Most websites allow you to customize your search, thus eliminating people you think might not be best suited for you. There are also websites that are based on important issues such as religion, sexuality or even age and ethnic groups.I always thought that finding a date on the internet or through a personal ad was for someone afraid to get out. Is this true?It might be true for a small minority of individuals.

Most internet dating users find that websites give a chance to get to know the person before committing to that all important first date. It also allows you the chance to show a different aspect of yourself. If you are shy it could mean the difference between an awkward first date between strangers and a comfortable meeting between two people who already know something about each other.What is the difference between a dating site and adult personal's site?Ah, this is an interesting question. If you go to a dating website and then visit an adult personal's site, you will immediately notice the difference.

Though clothing seems to get skimpier and skimpier in an effort to attract more suitors, the lack of clothing and erotic poses should clue you in to the nature of adult personal sites. Many dating websites screen for married people but of course this only works if the person is honest. An adult personal website will have quite a lot of married people looking for "intimate" encounters outside the confines of their marriage.Are there any other ways to find dates?Yes, of course there are other ways to find dates other than using the internet. Once upon a time the internet did not exist and yet people still managed to date.

Dating has been around for thousands of years. It may not be as easy to surf through pictures and ads but it can have added benefits. These benefits could be a sense of empowerment over shyness or even tackling new hobbies in order to expand your dating pool. Many people can attest that their partners were met in unusual places such as the grocery store, doctor's office or even the park. It still requires that leap into the unknown but at least you know that if you met a man or woman at a dog park, chances are they like dogs.

What are date advisors or consultation firms?Dating advisors or consultation firms are businesses that specialize in the world of dating. They analyze what criteria a person is searching for, what type of personality they possess and even can help the would-be suitor revamp their image. In short... they tell you where you are going wrong. Are they always right? No, but they may be able to help you if you find yourself flailing about in unfamiliar waters. Many advisors can help coach you along in areas you are unfamiliar with such as conversation or proper etiquette.

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